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An Observation

I've heard good things about using printable coupons to cut one's grocery bill, but apparently it only works as a saving strategy in households where pre-made convenience foods, scent masking products, and extremely branded cereals are the areas where the grocery budget is being bled dry. The coupon sites I looked at were just as pathetic as the coupons one encounters in the newspaper - a dollar off cinnamon buns in a tin... fifty cents off Glade Plug-Ins... and lots more shit I don't need. And for the most part, I can't imagine most people need any of it, so I'm assuming that's how companies get people to buy it. The consumer sees that they can have X for a dollar less, suddenly desires X, and never even realizes they could get a product pretty much equal to X under the store's umbrella brand for two dollars less. Not to mention that in many circumstances, a person can make homemade X for pennies. GENIUS.

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