Rob T. Power (trunkbutt) wrote,
Rob T. Power

The Prodigal Cat Returns!

Or more specifically was returned to us by the person who lives immediately in back of us. Oddly, she was the one person other than our immediate neighbors that Tedd had a chance to talk to over the weekend. It just happened that she saw Justine looking hungry and sad in her yard, and Justine (who must have been very, very hungry) just happened to be feeling friendly enough to take treats from her and then let the woman put her in a cat carrier.

Because those who know Justine know that she's not exactly a happy-to-be-picked-up, lap-friendly sort of pet. In fact, she uses sweetness to lure in unsuspecting people so she can scratch them.

All of the how to find your lost pet guides I read were right in that Justine was close enough to hear us calling and maybe even to see us when we went behind the fence, but didn't come out of wherever she was hiding. Even though Paloma, Emily, and I walked by that house about eight times today. The rain didn't help, either. She probably spent the past four days under our neighbor's porch or something.

Anyway, yay! YAY!! Justine is home, and now all I have to do is call up animal control and the closest shelter where I filed lost cat reports and let the microchip people that they can take the flag off her chip number.

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